Sunday, August 8, 2010

Demand Media's Going Public

In case you hadn't heard, Demand Media filed a prospectus with the SEC to announce their IPO. They're going public.

Maybe you know who DM is, maybe you don't, but in some internet/advertising/future-of-journalism circles, DM is a big deal, and either the next new wave on the internet, or the death blow to newspapers as we know them, or all of the above.

But whatever you think of them, the Demand Media IPO will probably be a pretty big deal. I've decided to look into their not-yet-profitable operations (I might actually invest!) and read through their IPO in detail. And I thought to myself: Do it online! Think out loud! Write a blog!

So here it is.

1 comment:

  1. I'm going to try and dig up a few bucks and invest... think AOL, YAHOO, MSN, heck... even McDonalds. When I was a child McDonalds first hit the scene and I heard the 'grownups' talking about how you could invest in a hamburger joint, or whatever... boy I bet they wish they had.